About Me

Craig Pennings

Freelancer, and Freelancer Business Coach
After seven full years of freelancing, Craig was incredibly stressed and burnt out. He wasn't getting what he wanted out of his business and the long hours worked weren't translating into the high dollar revenues he had worked so hard for. He knew something had to change. It was time to put ego aside and pick up a book for the first time in 8 years.

Craig then spent thousands of hours reading business and sales books, talking to consultants and mentors, watching training videos, and doing research online. He changed several important aspects of his business that allowed him to double his revenues to five-figures a month while working fewer hours, have less stress and taking more vacation time.

These changes gave him the freedom to takes 6 weeks off of work during 2017 to travel to Greece, Italy, Washington DC, New York, Virginia, Chicago, and even a ski trip in Colorado. Once he realized how few freelancers understood how things should actually be run, he felt morally and ethically obligated to share his knowledge and educate fellow freelancers.

Craig is the owner of Crowd Control Digital where he grows service businesses with digital marketing and WordPress websites. He also serves as a business coach to many freelancers and agencies. He has almost a decade of freelance experience under his belt and wants to share it with you.