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Topics I can talk about:

  • Create a foundation and mission to drive your freelancing forward
  • How to repackage your services so your business can be scalable
  • What to sell, who to sell to, and how to sell your services
  • How to price your services based on the value you bring to your clients
  • How to raise rates for new and current clients
  • How to move past the “feast or famine” approach to project-based businesses.
  • How to stop hoping for new clients, and be proactive
  • How to fire bad clients and tackle burnout
  • What I did specifically to double my business revenues after my income plateaued.

What I Expect From You:

  • You are open to my input and will take action.
  • You must do the work. If you’re wanting to reach a six-figure income, I need you to hustle.
  • An understanding that you control your future and the outcomes.
  • A great attitude, and that you’ll make the most of our time together.
Results You Can Expect:

Within the first three coaching sessions, I finally had my first five-figure month! Craig helped me completely revamp my services and prices. I am much more confident in my offerings and understand the value I provide to my clients.

Eva Brown

Eva Brown


Level Up your freelancing

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